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Make My Daysailer

By N’Fun Yachting

Created by connecting a passion for sailing and building yachts.

Marek Stańczyk


N’Fun Yachting

N’fun is a high quality, high performance 30 foot sailing boat – N’Fun 30. It can be a perfect day sailer, performance racer or cruiser. It is easy to handle witha comfortable interior. Added value comes from a unique aftersales service from Marek and his crew to work with you to prepare your perfect yacht such as tuning, sailing school, race training etc.

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You can create your own yacht using the N’Fun Yachting Configurator. Choose color, equipment and technical solutions for your own unique yacht. Check online to see how your choice affects the N’Fun 30 look. The configurator will calculate the price of your yacht. We will contact you directly after your specification summary is sent. Click the button to find out how easy it is.

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We have large choice of options available in our N Fun 30 specification. You can choose outboard (electric or petrol) or inboard (electric or diesel) engine, type of steering system (tiller, wheel, shaft, stern), every kind of sail available, carbon or aluminum rigging, etc. We do not reject any custom solutions proposed by our clients.

Technical Specification


N’Fun 30 is built to ensure a fantastic sailing experience. There are a lot of factors to achieve this: lightweight (thanks to a meticulously hand laid – vacuum infusion optional – sandwich hull using high quality components), stability (550kg in bulb keel), modern shape of the hull, well designed sails and perfect trim. Confirmed in all tests performed by leading European magazines.

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Our staff are well educated and experienced in building up to 60ft sailing yachts. Proper planning and quality control help to avoid after sales problems. We use only high quality materials: matt-fibre, epoxy and vinylester resin, plywood with foam core, A316 stainless steel. World leading companies are our suppliers: Harken, Spinlock, Pauger, JefaSteering, TekDek.  We also use not as well-known but often better Polish producers: Bryt Sails(Segelmacher), Amperflex, Topiko.

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In manufacturing our carefully CAD-designed hulls we use only the highest quality components, such as gelcoat from BÜFA in Germany, multi-axial woven mats, resins and foam from European leading companies. We use Vinylester resin for the first outer layer for the best long-term water resistance and longevity of the hull, slow-curing polyester resin for a complete bonding of all layers and a layer of foam for increased stiffness while achieving low weight. Every one layer of the seven layers is meticulously hand-rolled to eliminate air enclosures and excess resin, ensuring a strong and light bond between the glass fibers, the foam core and the resin. The long experience in this process is key to achieving a great result. Optionally, we can offer vacuum infusion for the hull and deck. For this process, all layers are applied dry, covered by network of pipes plus bag and finally resin is vacuum pumped in. This achieves a better resin to fiber ratio and a bit less weight, although we stand firmly behind our hand laid hulls, which remain the choice for almost all owners of N‘Fun 30 yachts.

To cut all bulkheads and elements we use CNC machines which make the assembly process more accurate. Sails are designed in 3D racing software to ensure they fit and perform perfectly and have the right power to drive the speed in our N’Fun 30.

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