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Lifting keel and the benefits

This is the most important feature of the N Fun 30 yacht. A heavy keel with a 500kg bulb is lifted hydraulically with an electric or manual pump. The maintenance is very simple and the stability of the yacht is comparable with fixed keel yachts. More about the construction of the keel CLICK HERE.
If the optional electric control is selected, it takes a few seconds to lift the keel using a button next to the helmsman. With a depth instrument and a chartplotter shallow waters can now safely be explored.
Lifting the keel also gives you the opportunity to slip the yacht as well as easy and safe transport. Depending on the configuration of the yacht thw total weight with with the trailer ranges from 2900 – 3500kg. The width of 2.92cm allows regular trailer transport behind an SUV with a very simple administrative permit in most European countries.

N Fun 30 daysailer on the trailer


We focused on the best quality with an eye for value for money. We only build yachts in carbon fiber and using epoxy resins on special client request. For all our regular yachts we use the highest quality vinylester and DCPD resins combined with emulsion mats, biaxial and matt fibers. The hull is divided into zones (shrouds, ballast zone, etc.) – in these places the lamination diagram is different, definitely increasing the strength. In places where there are the greatest tensile forces, we use unidrectional reinforcements.
An important element is the internal reinforcements of the crossbeams in the hull (in the shrouds area) which are glued before the installation of the inner liner and the insert itself with girders and crossbeams.

Onboard functionality and technical solutions to help you sail

Three main elements and no extras, unnecessary ballast, etc.- a small cabin, a flat deck and a huge cockpit – allow for comfortable sailing for up to 8 people. The visible widening of the half-deck starting behind the cabin gives both more space in the middle of the yacht and allows the bowman not to descend as much as possible to the windward side in order to work with a winch (Harken, self-tailing).
All halyards and ropes for adjustment -i.e. halyards, toppinglift, outhaul, cunningham, vang, gennaker tackline, bowsprit, jib furler – are brought into the cockpit and operated with Harken two-speed winches of the Performa series. The ropes are locked with fivefold Spinlock XAS clutches. In addition, single clutches are mounted on the side of the cabin, to change the angle of the jib sheet and also allow it to be locked to free the winch e.g. for simultaneous operation of the genaker.

The mainsail is operated with a 5:1 Harken tackle and a track + traveler – the wide cockpit here results in the track having a massive range of 80cm in both directions. When sailing close haul you work practically only with a traveler to reduce power on the mainsail. Backstay or runners can be adjusted in the position of the skipper so that in combination with the adjustment of the traveler of the mainsail the helmsman has full control of the yacht.
Teak rails are installed in the cockpit so that the crew has a solid support in when heeling.
The railing around the yacht improves safety, and in connection with the pulpit with the mast lowering system makes it easy and fast to lower and raise the mast for sailing after transport or under a bridge. The lowering system has a 6:1 ratio on the bearing rollers partially tipped under the deck.

Comfortable interior

Although the N Fun 30 has a sporty character and there is no full standing height (about 165cm) in the cabin, the wide berths allow 6 people to sleep comfortably. Equipping the yacht with a sea toilet, water installation, gas stove and electrical installations allows for reasonably comfortable cruising. This fact has been confirmed by some of our customers, who spend up to 3 weeks cruising on a four-person family with children.

N Fun 30 daysailer interior

Easy process of configuring and ordering a yacht

Simply choose your yacht configuration and arrange a test sailing at one of the test locations across Europe. More information about the yacht ordering process HERE.

Benefits of N Fun Yachting’s sports experience

The owner of N Fun Yachting – Marek Stanczyck is a successful sailor who has won many medals of the Polish Championship and World Cup in Match – Racing, successfully competing with Olympic Champions or helmsmen from the America’s Cup. N Fun Yachting is assisted by its crew members, thanks to which almost every customer has so far benefited from the offer of regatta training and learning how to properly trim their yacht.